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10 October 2006


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» CTO Breakfast Report from Phil Windley's Technometria
Bruce Fryer's brought up an ironic encounter with a word-of-mouth marketing company. The person who runs the marketing for a prominent WOM company somehow didn't get Linked-In and who social networks work. Funny. We got into a discussion of... [Read More]


olivier blanchard

"Always give more than you expect to get back. If someone asks for help, give it to them." Yep.

Pretty funny about Keller Fay.

Todd Tweedy

Hey Bruce,

I'd love to hear if Keller Fay ever reached out and if I could get your thoughts on a study I published on word of mouth marketing -- Perceptions, Practices and Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing. Here's a link to the study that focuses on the challenges firms face in doing word of mouth: http://www.boldmouth.com/studies/word_of_mouth_marketing_research_boldmouth.pdf

You can also check out my blog on word of mouth topics at WordSpreadsQuickly.com -- http://www.wordspreadsquickly.com.

Many thanks,

Todd Tweedy

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